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From a weekend last summer I spent at a lake house in New Jersey with Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson.

No, really. I had the honor and the pleasure to fill in for set photographer Niko Tavernise for a few days during the shooting of The Messenger.

Woody wants to co-star with Ben again

An excerpt from a interview with Woody Harrelson:

CS: You and Oren really have established a great relationship between this and “The Messenger” so do you see doing another movie together?
 Well, we figure we have to stay with the uniforms, so probably postal worker. 

CS: There aren’t that many movies about postal workers, so is that something you pitched to him to write?
 (laughs) I’m kidding. We gotta find something with a uniform, but no, we’ve already been talking a little bit about it and he’s the writer. He’ll write something f*cking great and I just want to work with Oren again and Ben Foster, and do it right.

At best, I was expecting a rehash of Kurt Russell’s “Blue Shield” or a shoddy version of Denzel Washington’s “Training Day.” Instead, I was met with a nice surprise in Woody Harrelson’s “Rampart” in that it held my attention from beginning to end. Rampart does not deal with an objective situation; instead, it addresses a subjective turmoil as experienced by its main character, Dave Brown. I appreciated how director Oren Moverman wisely refused to tie loose ends and create a sense of closure. Alternatively, he leaves this story he weaved in my lap and leaves me pondering how it may (or how I want it to) end.

Rampart review via The “In” Show. Also, Roger Ebert gave it 4 stars!

Watch the first five minutes of Rampart in this new trailer, featuring Woody Harrelson, Ben Foster, Jon Bernthal and Stella Schnabel. The opening song is “Go Forth” by Dickon Hinchliffe.

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Contextualizing the viral poster for ‘Rampart’

Oren Moverman (director): ”The poster was Lawrence Inglee’s idea. He’s one of the producers of Rampart and he was searching for an image that would be thought-provoking and challenging, not an indictment of a cop but rather a communal approach to the idea of policing, the idea that maybe when cops do bad things it’s more of a reflection of society and what it is willing to tolerate rather than the fault of one bad apple or an institutional problem. If they work for us, could it be they ARE us?


Woody, Ben and Robin talk Rampart (via enews)

You always want to be a part of, like, the Woody Allen tribe, how he uses a lot of the same actors, or Scorsese, or Tarantino. You love the idea, but I never had that. Now I have that. Me, Oren, Ben Foster, [producer] Lawrence Inglee, [producer] Ken Kao. I think this is a little group that will stay together and do a lot of things.
Woody Harrelson to the Los Angeles Times (“The Contenders: ‘Rampart’s’ Woody Harrelson,” Dec. 15, 2011)
The process of making “The Messenger” brought us really close to each other, and we really enjoy the process of working together. At this point, everything is sort of mixed up — the personal and the professional — and we just want to keep playing together.
Director Oren Moverman on his relationship with Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson